Here are some frequently asked questions from our customers:

 What do I need to bring with me when applying for financing?

While the basics like your driver's license are obvious, there are some other items that you can bring with you that will save you time when coming to the dealership. See the complete list of things to bring with you here.

 What kind of car I can get?

At Auto Direct we hand select the best local trade ins, lease returns, off lease vehicles. We scout inventory throughout 5 states looking for the best available new car trade ins, and bank repossessions. View our inventory here. The lender is going to look at your budget and help to be sure we show you a vehicle that you can afford. Most of our vehicles are still under factory warranty, certified pre-owned, or qualify for an extended service contract. Lenders know that the #1 reason for default and/or repossession is because of mechanical failure, so the lenders prefer vehicles under warranty. Most lenders also prefer newer year model and lower miles as they offer more favorable terms to keep your payment as low as possible.

 What is my monthly payment?

Many factors determine the monthly payment. Factors such as year of vehicle, miles, make / model, credit ratings, bank programs, money down etc. all determine your monthly payment. Everyone has a budget in mind and so do the banks, finance companies, and credit unions, the last thing the lender wants to do is put you in payment that you cannot truly afford. At Auto Direct we are going to work hard to match your vehicle needs with your budget. Click Get Financed.

How much do I have to put down?

Great question! There are multiple different bank, finance companies, and credit union programs that we have access to. Every lender is different just like every credit profile and credit situation is different. Some lenders have No Money Down Programs, Some like 10% Down, others prefer 20% Down, $500 Down, some just require a tax and tag fee investment from the customer. Different vehicles can require or change the amount of down payment that is required from the lender. We always suggest to invest as much down as you can afford. Investing Money Down only puts you and the lender in a Better Position. Ultimately getting you the consumer the best terms and lowest payment possible. We work with all kinds of budgets when it comes to down payment we are here to help. If the lowest possible down payment is what you are looking for, then our team is going to fight to get the approval with the down payment that you have to work with. Get Pre-Approved Now!

What if I am in bankruptcy currently or have had a bankruptcy in the past?

We have banking partnerships with finance companies here to help you start the rebuilding process. Our lender partners can help with discharged or open Chapter 7 and discharged or open Chapter 13 bankruptcies. If you have a discharged chapter 7 or 13 we have auto loan programs available to you immediately. If you are in an open Chapter 7 and have had your 341 meeting (plan confirmation) we have auto loan options available to you. We often can even obtain financing with zero cash down in such situations. If you are more than half way through your Chapter 13 Bankruptcy we possibly will not even need a letter to incur debt. If you are in open 13 and are not more than half way though we can still help. We just have to take a couple of more steps that we will be glad to assist you with. There is no need to wait until after your bankruptcy has discharged to start re-establishing your credit. Contact one of our finance specialist today!

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